Rockbit UK has been nominated to appear as an expert in the 2017 parliamentary review for the UK Manufacturing and Services Sector.

The main aims of the Review are to demonstrate how organisations/individuals have become outstanding leaders in their field and how they have responded to challenges within their industry sharing best practices as a template for reform.

Alan Vasey the Managing Director and owner of Rockbit UK had this to say “We are really proud and honoured to have been chosen to represent our industryWe have a workforce who have a wide range of engineering skills that enable us at Rockbit to continually produce good quality tooling and equipment but also service and repair modern drilling machinery as well as take on and deliver successful design and fabrication projects such as the bespoke seabed drilling rigs. This facilitates our patented Raptor seabed anchors which were invented, designed and manufactured by myself.”

The Review event includes members of the cabinet, including the chancellor of the Exchequer last year Phillip Hammond, as well as other leading officials from a variety of industries. The review event is taking place in the autumn of 2017.