Drilling Equipment


Rockbit makes and supplies high quality drilling tooling.

We have the skilled staff and the lathes to manufacture your casings and subs required to keep you working in all ground conditions.

Our customers rely on our drilling tools to work as hard as they do and when they wear out the replacement parts will be made with the repeatable precision so that it will all screw together again.


From the drill bit or cutting shoe, core body, drill rods to the subs and casing we supply the lot.

We also have the in-house knowledge to make by hand any number screw cut threads and connectors, both imperial and metric to fit with your needs.

We also have now made and supply complete tooling packages for all drilling types so that all your tooling is based around a specific thread or machine use to minimise the use of subs and confusing mismatched thread combinations, all so you can get started quickly.

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